what to expect after your session

During my energetic health sessions I dig down deep like an investigator to find the root cause, unresolved emotions or triggers that have created an issue, disease, pain or stress. This will both release the disease or illness and the symptoms it has caused.

In order to do this, I usually need to peel off layers to locate to the root cause. The number of sessions it takes varies from person to person and is dependant on a number of factors. I have located the root cause in one session for some people but others it has taken over 10. This varies due to how chronic the disease or issue is, how long you have had the issue or how much your believe you can change and let go of the problem and the changes you make in your life to adjust to allow for the shift to occur. The longer  the unresolved emotion or trigger has been left it is left and the longer it is allowed to incubate a problem, the more layers it may make take remove before we can access it.

I find it useful to be realistic about your expectations after kinesiology sessions, that way you don’t miss out on the steps you are taking and can feel the reward for your improvements and simply enjoy the journey.

If you are having relationships difficulties it would be unrealistic to expect everything to be great in a couple of sessions, maybe try looking at how things have improved. Are you opening up and talking more? What other changes have occurred? Relationships can be difficult for all of us and they take time and effort to improve because you need to find a new way of working together. By unlocking what is keeping you in the state of frustration and the stress in your body, mind and spirit, you will find it’s soo much easier to take steps to resolve and release issues. You may have even tried many times before and may not have gotten very far.

If you have health issues, take a look at the difference in your energy levels and what you can do today that you may not have been able to yesterday. Sometimes it may be a small step and others times it can be a big one. You may take small steps at the beginning but then later it can turn into giant leaps, as you start to unravel the issues.

Your health and vitality audit

In the first session, I  conduct an audit of your organs and glands vitality to see where you at and where we need to target our attention. This also allows us to see the progress you are making throughout the treatment program.

I regularly do checks ups of the organs and glands throughout the treatments to see how we are going. I always see an improvement and often they are quite big jumps but I also see fluctuations.

Remember that a healthy mind and body is always adapting and moving but the limitations we put on ourselves keep your mind in a rigid state. When we start releasing these limiting thoughts and beliefs your organ and gland vitality may fluctuate for a while  as it seeks a more flexible balance. These shifts are an indication that healing is proceeding as normal.

The possible affects when releasing your issues after Bodyflow Energetics sessions

The affects and changes from a session can vary from session to  session. You could have a massive release and feel completely free and relieved and a whole lot lighter. You may even forget you had a problem. You may notice only a subtle change.

Or you may feel pretty crapola for 1 – 2 days. If this happens – just roll with it. The issue was deep down and needs to surface before it can be let go. This can be an uncomfortable and quite emotional period. The key is to let the feeling sit with you, by simply observing it and allow it to just be, so you don’t reattach yourself to it. By allowing it to just sit within you, you detach yourself from the emotion or stress which allows it to easily move on away from you.

Things you can do to speed up the healing process

Thought awareness – an important exercise is to become aware of your thought processes and if you criticise yourself and how often. How many negative thoughts creep in per day? The more you become aware of this the quicker it will be to let them go and for you to heal.

Automatic writing – each morning as soon as you wake up or after meditation write your stream of consciousness. Don’t think about it, just write whatever to comes mind. You’ll be surprised at what insights you discover.

Meditate – daily if possible. Mix up your meditation style to adapt to your needs/what’s going on in your life, at the time and so you don’t become stagnant. You Tube has some great guided or frequency meditations.

Vision meditations – these can be a fun way to expand your awareness. Take off your glasses if you wear them and just ask yourself, “what am I seeing now?” You can do this daily or a few times a day.

Gratitude journal – write down as many things a day that you appreciate or are grateful for. They need only be little things at you notice during the day. It could be a delicious meal, someone saying thank you or making you laugh, your dog greeting you at the door with such joy. The possibilities are endless. This too is an exercise in awareness to open you up to everything going on around you and expand your focus.

Breath awareness – every emotion, physical condition, resistance disturbance or tension you have is connected to your breath. When we feel stressed, we automatically suppress or hold our breath. Do you ever notice how your breath is when you’ve been sitting at your desk all day?

Since effortless, relaxed breathing can’t occur in a relaxed field, we can use the breath to relax and expand our energy and visual fields to release our mind and body.

Start by tuning into your breath with your glasses off. Notice your breath. When the air comes in where does it go? Your chest, abdomen, or somewhere else? Does it feel blocked or frozen in your body? Does it feel shallow, deep, fast, slow? Now begin to breath gently and effortlessly. Allow your breath to flow freely.

Before long you will feel that you begin to breath more deeply. After a few more breaths you may feel your shoulders and back relaxing and releasing the heavy burden. Your lower body may open up.

Whenever you notice your mind has gone elsewhere, return your attention to your breath. Breath awareness is not about trying to relax or to keep the mind quiet. It is simply a practice of being aware.

Breath awareness is so important. You may want to put up little signs saying, “Breath!”

What’s next after you have been released from your pain, illness or trauma?

After you have completed your treatment and have achieved the rewards you were looking for congratulate yourself. You did it!!!

Don’t forget you need to keep up the amazing work (but less vigorously), so you maintain your health and zest for life.

I do recommend one of 2 things going forward after you have completed your treatment.

Maintenance sessions every 6 to 8 weeks to keep you feeling great. Life always throws us things to learn and grow from and kinesiology helps to keep on top of things by accessing issues and beliefs hidden in our subconscious, so they don’t weigh us down.

Really go after what you want and achieve everything you want in your life with the advanced life development program.

The most important thing is to enjoy the sessions and the freedom they give you. You are magnificent and special and the more you can see that the faster the results will be.

Please keep me informed about how you are going with the sessions and if there is anything I can to help make the process easier or more effective for you because I love feedback and finding new ways to improve how I help you.

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