what happens in a bodyflow energetics session

Unmanageable stress can overload us until it is stored in our mind and body. What can’t be resolved in our conscious is then moved to the subconscious. Our bodies then adapt to store this subconscious information.

What’s even more interesting is that specific beliefs or emotions are stored in specific areas of the bodies. Each area means something. If we look at the kidneys, we know that fear, shame and deep exhaustion stories reside there. They find it a cosy little home until the day comes that we do some self-exploration to discover the conflict and unlock the power they have over us.

In each session we explore, like a detective, the programs and stories and resolve the conflicts within our biology.

The stories in our lives that are unresolved become programs that sit in our subconscious and override our conscious. In our conscious life we may say I desire a healthy loving relationship but our subconscious has a whole other story playing and guess which one wins? We can have blind spots and become victims to these programs that can create invisible magnets that attract situations and relationships we don’t want in our lives.

The programs in our subconscious that we explore are:

  • personal programs from stress and trauma from this life or past or future lives
  • evolutionary
  • ancestral lineage – on either our mothers or fathers lineage- these are programs that don’t belong to you but get passed down the ancestral line.
  • gestational – from conception through to birth – these are programs that don’t belong to you but are passed on from our parents.
  • bio-memorised cellular cycles – we can repeat situations on regular cycle – can be 7 years or any number that the cycles occur

We are biologically designed to resolve our problems. What ends up happening is that we fix a problem and then look for another one and another one. Whatever we focus on we create. By focusing on problems we create more problems. This distorts our view because we then have a build up of issues that override our logical or conscious self and this changes the way we see things. When an event occurs we can automatically jump to thoughts about how it will make us suffer.

When conflicts are resolved we change our perspective and are able to have a wider view of the world. What we very often find is that our perception of an event is distorted.

However, we can lift the things that tax us and trip us up enabling us to revitalise.

Other aspects that are explored in sessions are:

  • embracing our behaviours and dark side
  • understanding the world and universal laws
  • emotional addiction
  • interpreting the reality of emotions
  • self-reflection and self-correction
  • root cause of depression and anxiety
  • building self esteem
  • changing your magnetic field
  • evolution – using chanelled frequencies and light codes supercharges the evolution process
  • attracting positive events.

Deeper exploration of the world and multiverse creates a wider view. It’s then that we are able to approach life and challenges free from a fight or flight survival response and are able to ask questions like, “What is this challenge revealing in my subconscious?”

Using this very specific approach we unlock our unresolved stories and programs limiting us and affecting our health and lives. This accelerates our evolution to gain more freedom, independence and joy in our lives.

Meet Kemina

Energetic health practitioner, Kinesiologist, Bodyflow Energetics teacher

Kemina is a wisdom keeper, trail blazer, rebel and a seeker who tried the corporate world and modern medicine path only to find dark depths of depression and body aches and pains that were only getting worse.

It was when she forged her own path through the guidance of leading energetic health educators and mentors and practitioners that she transformed herself and her health that led to her passion in opening up as many people as possible to the same awareness, health transformations, love of life and possibilities.

Kemina is driven by a thirst for knowledge and understanding the core of everything, while using the most efficient and powerful approach to healing as possible. It’s through this drive from studying Kinesiology that she developed her own healing modality that she teaches, Bodyflow Energetics.

Over the past 6 years, she has helped people all over the world overcome chronic health issues through to becoming top leaders, as well as running successful workshops and courses.

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