Kemina is amazing. My family have enjoyed big changes in emotional wellness, physical illnesses and a new sense of clarity, inner space and a sense of a way forward in what had felt like sheer chaos. She’s frank, kind, compassionate, welcoming and can hold the space for even the biggest emotion. Along with a sense of humour she offers such an open honest healing space.

Elizabeth Steley


Kemina is such a genuine, compassionate person. She has helped clear my skin of chronic eczema and help me deal with serious anxiety. It only took a few sessions for me to see a huge change and I’m now eczema free. I cannot recommend her enough, she is amazing.

Hayley Sargison

Teacher Aide

The Bodyflow Energetics course and the information and knowledge Kemina shares is mind blowing!

As are her intuitive abilities, which she strives to instil in her students. The course was very dynamic, and she was extremely attentive to us on and individual level.

I loved the fact that she was always happy to answer questions. I could literally go on forever writing all the good things!

It is also worth noting that she provides such detailed and thorough understandings of the ‘behind the scenes’ of her work that it may be necessary to revisit and revise the information outside of the course hours, as there is simply sooo much to learn!

John Lane

Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

Kemina is amazing. After trying various approaches to addressing a debilitating anxiety triggering issue, Kemina was able to help me completely switch this off within a few sessions, amongst other things! I love that she was able to help me do this without any overthinking on my part – just some trust in the technique, my body and Kemina’s experience! She nurtures a non intimidating environment – we’ve even managed to have a laugh at some of the curious things that have come up during the process! Thanks so much Kemina!

Karen McLeod

Sales Manager

I thought I knew who I was and what my purpose was and then I met Kemina! In the span of a few months I have resolved my past, gained comfort knowing my future and now embrace every moment in the present. Abundantly grateful to Kemina for unlocking me and supporting my journey.

Belinda O'Connor

Owner Bolt Consult

During the course, I learn how to become a detective to unlock programs and stories to resolve the conflicts within our human biology. I learned so much.
There was so much content,so much value!
Kemina took me through a process of activating my gift from a future lifetime, I receive codes & frequencies to become a land harmoniser. Who knew right? Lol…
I use this gift to heal people, homes, businesses, websites, email accounts, animals.
Now I am able to really support humanity through the great awakening, Accelerating my personal Growth and Evolution.
Embodying my high self to receive downloads to and travel to past lives, future, myself in different star systems and high council to remember and receive wisdom teachings.
It has enabled me to create new amazing offerings that will support my dream clients EVEN more.
I especially loved connecting to all the beautiful souls who also enrolled in this course our group was amazing and the connection I feel will last lifetimes.
I highly recommend this course. It WILL change your life forever giving you the tools to heal yourself, fast track your Growth and Evolution and become a Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner.
I feel healers are needed NOW more than ever before.
Anna Willey

5D Business & Evolution Coach

I didn’t know a great deal about kinesiology before hand but Kemina was recommended to me so I went along….. I was really desperate for help…… was finding that medication and other practitioners were not helping…. Kemina has given me a new life…..I am dealing with my situation…. I’m happy……I’m sleeping like a baby…… have found peace and serenity within myself…. my concentration is better…… my relationships with people have improved….. I can’t recommend her enough….. I owe her so much

Jodi Macquarrie

Kindergarten teacher

This course exceeded my expectations exponentially. With no previous experience I was astounded that I could do this. I learnt so much and feel excited about how well this method works, the best thing I’ve done for ages and great value.

Debbie Mulgrew

Bodyflow Energetics practitioner

Bodyflow Energetics truly is Kemina’s gift to the world and I highly recommend the course to anyone seeking a fully embodied energy healing modality for their own self healing or for their toolkit as a practitioner. Kemina shares herself so willingly along the way that you cant help but feel more connected to self, source and others. Bodyflow Energetics gives you permission to let go and tap into and trust your intuition as a practitioner while accessing innate wisdom to guide others into alignment. The process is a powerful journey and each workshop provides opportunity to gently unfold aspects of self while also holding a safe space for others in their healing. I am grateful for the knowledge but feel honoured and blessed for the journey

Lucy Frances

Child Health Support Manager and Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

Kemina and her work with Energy has helped me to move through blocked situations everytime!! Highly recommend. In fact, I’ve referred her many friends and the feedback is the same.

Brett D. Scott

Life coach

Kemina has been so beneficial to my physical and emotional wellness over the past two years. I find her sessions extremely intuitive and insightful and I always leave feeling better than I did when I arrived. Kemina is straight talking and a very ‘real’ person that I find to have a genuine investment and interest in my overall health and wellbeing. I am very grateful to have access to her treatments and have no hesitation in highly recommending her services.

Ann-Maree Bond

Mum of 4

Because it works, makes me feel good and that is all that matters.
Daniela Kohutova

Dental Practice Manager

One session with Kemina made a massive difference to a life long health issue that wouldn’t improve no matter how diligent I was with my health. I continued working with Kemina and experiencing improvements in both my physical and mental wellbeing. I was so impressed I completed her course last year and this has had a profound impact on my life, allowing me to let go of what was holding me back and evolve into a more carefree and loving person. I highly recommend working with Kemina, one of the best investments in yourself you will make.

Nicola Callan

Health Education Presenter

One session with Kemina made a massive difference to a life long health issue that wouldn’t improve no matter how diligent I was with my health. I continued working with Kemina and experiencing improvements in both my physical and mental wellbeing. I was so impressed I completed her course last year and this has had a profound impact on my life, allowing me to let go of what was holding me back and evolve into a more carefree and loving person. I highly recommend working with Kemina, one of the best investments in yourself you will make.

Tina Bramley

Holitstic Counsellor

I highly recommend Kemina, she is an amazing healer and I felt a huge difference after her sessions.
Krystal Alexandria

Emmy award winning director

I’ve been seeing Kemina for a few months now. She’s something else! I’d had kinesiology before and had had a vague sense that it was helping; and had done a fair bit of reading about how it works; so I went into the experience feeling open, optimistic and positive. After four sessions, I’m seriously impressed, amazed and happy. It’s difficult to pinpoint what has shifted; but it’s significant. And very different. The Kemina experience has almost nothing in common with my previous kineseologist’s approach: she’s in a totally different league – which I suspect is one of her own. I initially fronted up with a list of physical problems – leg pain, kidney and liver stuff, gynaecological glitches, poor sleep; and a vague admission of mild anxiety and depression. She took these as her starting point and proceeded in her impressively fast and focused way to do what she does: reading my body for information relating to all the interconnected levels – cellular, emotional, psychological, spiritual – focusing on the areas which these have affected, releasing blockages, doing all that clearing and shifting, re-balancing and healing. Her knowledge and understanding of all these systems is remarkable; listening to her commentary on what she’s finding and working with is like eavesdropping on some multi-track advanced level course in combined physiological-neurological-cognitive-spiritual sciences. She’s talking cellular memory, tissue status, emotional trauma, muscular and skeletal misalignment; and energy: tracking down and dealing with the deep-rooted sources of surface problems. I have no way of following or understanding the detail of it all, but I have the embodied evidence that it’s helping me significantly. I’m sleeping better; my legs aren’t paining me as much; but most importantly I’ve lost what I hadn’t realised I’d been carrying deep down for all my 74 years (and possibly lifetimes before): an ever-present underlying fear of loss, loneliness, sadness. I feel lighter, happier, calmer. It’s very, very good. She does the identifying and releasing, and I do the breathing more easily and feeling more authentic and happy with who I am and where I’m at. She’s clever, gentle, and wonderfully insightful and helpful. I’m so glad I randomly found her on the internet and booked an appointment.

Jo Carr


Kemina is absolutely incredible. She is very gifted and talented. Within two sessions, she has already helped, changed and taught me so much. I highly recommend her. She can honestly change your life for the better in many various ways

Eleesa White


Fantastic course both for personal transformation and learning healing tools that are simple and highly effective. Course notes are very thorough so you always have what you need to heal yourself and others. Kemina is a effective and generous teacher. I highly recommend this course.

Jasmine Norton

Chef and Bodyflow Energetics practitioner

Kemina is an incredibly talented healer and kinesiologist. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I feel a million dollars after my sessions with Kemina. So blessed to have such an amazing kinesiologist in Brisbane.

Shandelle Russell

Personal Assistant

Kemina is a truly amazing soul and gifted healer. Her work has always intrigued me and I finally had a session with her recently. With everything that’s been going on in the world, my inner world got a bit of a shake up and Kemina helped clear out so much energy that was making me feel shit, was causing me pain and feeling stuck and overwhelmed. She picked up on things that I had no idea of and plenty of thoughts and emotions that I’d been feeling surfacing. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with this beautiful soul and experience the transformation that’s been unfolding since. I highly recommend working with Kemina.

Meegan Henderson

Bodyflow Energetic Practitioner

Kemina is amazing. She is so intuitive and a wonderful healer. She offers very frank, practical and honest advice along the way as well. I would very highly recommend her services.
Briony Stokes


Highly recommend Kemina to anyone looking for true transformational difference in their lives. Her knowledge in her space is second to none, she’s passionate about her craft which ensures you will have the very best of treatment and care. Great work Kemina!
Dee Cain

Owner Roar Succes

This chick is simply amazing, I have done 2 workshops and had 2 sessions with KK and I’m totally blown away with the changes that have occurred both on a human level and a spiritual one. Her warm and positive nature is a blessing and contagious. I feel blessed that Kemina is now one of my confidants in my life’s journey.
Gary Cook

Small Business Owner

Kemina is warm, down to earth, and INCREDIBLY intuitive. From my first session with her I was able to release and clear so many blocks and holding patterns and since then I have felt more grounded, clear, and in my power than ever before. She continually amazes me by how spot on her guidance and discoveries are and I love watching her put all the puzzle pieces together and bring such a deep level of understanding to my life and its challenges! I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough.
Allyce Martins

Actress in musicals

I was running on empty and didn’t realise how close I was to breaking point. Along with Adrenal fatigue and hormone issues, I had a number of digestive problems. I felt over whelmed, angry, depressed and at times completely stressed out and generally not happy at all, an awful place to be and wondered how I let myself get to this place again and again. Within 3-4 months I felt like a completely different person, also after being busy mum at home and taking care of everyone else’s needs for the past 9 years. I feel more alive than I have in a long time. I can happily say I am able to deal with the busy demands of being mum so much better. I thank you Kemina from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to shine once again and to be the person I am truly meant to be.
Tracey Gillies

Bodyflow Energetic Practitioner and Kinesiologist

This course is amazing & uplifting. Bodyflow Energetics helped me to understand the benefits of holistic healing.
I leave with clarity, energy and focus. I find improvement with my mental and physical health and I feel more relaxed and centred. Highly recommended.

Nina Turner


“Better Than a Massage“ – I have been seeing Kemina for over 6 months and continually learning about myself and the power of Kinesiology. Kemina has helped me stop drinking, helping me clear past emotional and belief issues that was holding me back personally and in business plus to my amazement balanced my body structure to release muscles and realign my hips and lower back (All of which no Massage, Physio or Chiro could do properly) … Thanks heaps Kemina, the journey has just begun
Greg Gillies

Life Coach

Kemina is a powerful and gifted Kinesiologist. I have a heart condition and Kemina did a lot of work on the different areas and vessels of my heart. I got an angiogram done following this. To the amazement of the cardiologist and nursing staff, the 40% blockage in my left main coronary artery, identified in 2015, had shrunk down to 10%. This is unheard of as arteries blocked with plaque do not unblock. They only get worse!! I feel at peace, in control and a deeper sense of being true to myself. Seeing Kemina has been life changing and life affirming due to the physical and emotional healing have experienced in just a few months.
Virginia Jones

Medical Librarian

Just wanted to share an update after last week’s mega session…. It’s day 8, and after a rather up and down week I feel…different. Like something has clicked into place. There is a calmness and tranquility inside me that I have never felt before, and a feeling of emptiness too – but not in a bad way. It’s as if I have a space for potentiality that was previously filled with something foreign and cloudy, and a lot of distraction and turmoil. I still feel a little floaty and disconnected at times, but it is easier to come back into awareness. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.
Tina Bramley

Holistic Counsellor

Kemina has literally changed my life. I could not have been more desperate for help when I had my first session with her. I felt instantly at ease with Kemina’s relaxed and real personality. I have learnt how to take back control of my destiny and am more in tune with my emotions and feelings than I have ever been. I have tried many forms of personal growth but Kemina’s has by far had the most positive impact over the past 3 months. The feeling of freedom is like getting a second chance. For anyone who is truly intent on improving their life – Kemina is certainly the lady to guide you to your ultimate goals
Kylie Byrne

Owner Ra Ra Agency

Kemina has healed me of so many things. Things I never knew that were holding me back. The longer you go the deeper the healing. I have shocked doctors with one of my results. I have broken through huge emotional blocks, fear, pain, & it was all done very quickly. Some of my friends are starting to see her after witnessing my results. Kemina is a special person & a very gifted kinesiologist & healer.
Sonia Wright

Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner, Quantum Kinesiologist, Hypotherapist

This was my first time trying kinesiology and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than Kemina provided. In the past I have found therapy very beneficial but I wanted to try something new and get beyond my conscious mind. Kemina is incredibly intuitive, caring and it was truly amazing the things she would pick up and sense that I had not revealed to her. She is also very pragmatic, non-judgmental and down to earth which makes you feel very comfortable around her and that you can truly be open with her about your deepest vulnerabilities. Our first session was incredibly powerful and profoundly shifted a pattern of behaviour I have had for my whole life. The work we did together in the following three sessions has opened me up to a new way of being and a new way of understanding myself in relationships. I cannot recommend her enough!!
Holly Meegan

Actress in musicals

Kemina is absolutely spot on in her healing and the changes experienced are amazing. My life keeps getting better each time I have a session.
Suzanne Burgess

Retail Business Owner

I highly recommend Kemina. After each session it’s like she hits the nail on the head. I feel lighter, more clear and more self aware. She has an amazing intuitive ability. She knows what the issue I have with myself is before I even know. It’s like you’re peeling back the layers and revealing who your true self is. Could not recommend her enough!
Emelitta Da Silva

Yoga Instructor

Life often can present challenges that can have many layers requiring differing healings to bring us back to our true authentic self. I can highly recommend this amazing healer as she is patient, kind and highly attuned to what your needs are and what can be healed within your boundaries. Don’t be afraid to have the courage to take your own power back, and prepare for the transformation that comes after seeing Kemina
Tunya Bollaan

Retail worker

With the help of Kemina and kinesiology I have started to transform my life and myself into someone the old me wouldn’t recognize. Anxiety and depression no longer over rule my life. These sessions are energetically transforming, something I will enjoy and look forward too for the rest of my days. You couldn’t give yourself a better gift or experience, highly recommend
Jesse King

Owner Soulful 8 Creations

Sceptic to convert……Kemina helped get my life back on track after serious illness and I am reaping the rewards everyday. Just awesome.
Stephen Furness

Finance Business Development Manager

Absolutely blown away by her professionalism and skill level and ability to get to the core of issues so intuitively. I know many healers and health practitioners and very much feel Kemina is among the best I have met, and very able to help others on many, many levels.Will definitely be back and would highly recommend Kemina. Thank you!
Keira Kristin

Owner of The Art of Words and Reiki Healer

I had my first sesh with Kemina earlier today and am just blown away by the entire experience and Kemina herself! I drove home singing out loud in the car and it’s probably the best I’ve felt in a VERY LONG TIME! I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone to allow Kemina to brighten your life. (This was me 3 years ago) I still see Kemina today as she continues to guide me through various curveballs life throws (while pulling me up on unhealthy thoughts/mindsets/behaviours)… I will always be grateful for the enlightenment shes brought upon me since I walked through her doors years ago!
Navvii Lingham

University Student Liaison Manager

Just prior to going on an overseas trip and feeling anxious for some unknown reason, I developed Rosacea. On my return, I caught up with a friend who suggested I go to a kinesiologist to find the cause. I researched online for a kinesiologist and after searching extensively, I was drawn to Kemina …it just felt right. Over the last 30 years, I have been on the road of self-discovery and personal empowerment and became more aware…in other words ‘done so damn much’! On my first visit, I was absolutely WOWED. What she had to say explained why I reacted and felt the way I did in certain situations. Things I thought I’d dealt with…and had to some extent…BUT there’s always more work to do! Since experiencing Kemina’s gift, I feel more relaxed…my body feels more relaxed; I feel lighter and happier. Kemina is helping to break through the blocked energies created by life’s self-imposed hurts therefore enabling me to pursue my true purpose in this life. This change has been witnessed by a friend who has not only referred a family member but has also attended upon Kemina himself.
Jen Wagner

Legal Secretary

Kemina is a warm, intuitive, talented Kinesiologist. She has been able to clear so many blocks for me and I always leave feeling on top of the world and ready to break new ground. Truly special.
Libby Penning


I started seeing Kemina about 12 months ago and I watched my life change dramatically from seeing her. I was finding it hard to keep a job among other parts of my life that I needed help with. Kemina made me feel comfortable and supported and just seemed to know exactly what I needed. I have done a 360 since seeing her. I am happier, healthier and am living the life I always wanted.
Chantal Penny

Recruitment Manager

I have been seeing Kemina for 6 weeks now and I can feel the change in my approach to the way I react, have learnt about my inner self, how I became the way I am and how to listen to my own judgement and be the best person I can be. I can’t thank Kemina enough. I love the fact it’s non invasive, calm and gets results! I look forward to my next seeing Kemina again.
Mia Thomas


When i first saw Kemina, I had no idea how to deal with my emotions to cope with the loss of my mum and didnt realise how much negative energy i was holding onto towards myself and life. Kemina is amazing how she is able to guide me with life goals and learning things about myself which has helped me grow as a person, giving more clarity and direction in my life.
Nadia Economous

Owner Cycling Bar

When Kemina told me she was running this course i said i wasn’t ready.too much of my own stuff to deal with.Little confidence that i could help others.Kemina explained that removing those blocks would be part of the course.she was right.I’m already experiencing positive changes in the lives of people i’m treating. My advice : just do it !

Robert Ogilvy


I have a number of Kinesiology sessions with Kemina and have found every session an enlightening and professional experience. Every step is explained as you relax and explore the past and future paths of your live, healing the body naturally. With the compassionate and genuine personality Kemina present I would highly recommend Kinesiology by Kemina to anyone wishing to experience a positive Kinesiology practitioner.
Andrea Schmuck

Personal Assistant

Thank you Kemina for a wonderful balancing and realignment of the Atlas, my lower back and hips. I was grateful for your compassion and integrity through the whole session. I will be booking and referring you on to others.
Luisa Mitchell


Kemina creates a truly safe space. Initially I went to see Kemina to work on my shoulder, but have found myself working on the other areas in my life that really need addressing, and as they come in to line my body is responding. Kemina is a warm and honest person, and sets a tone for being warm and honest with yourself, an example not nearly enough of us grow up with. Highly recommended
Brittany Riley

Book Keeper

Love this lady, without her I wouldn’t be where I am today fulfilling a role in helping others and finally at peace with myself thank you beautiful.
Lisa Darby

Medical Administrator

Absolutely amazing to learn more about the energetic system as well as being given simple yet effective exercises that helped me learn and understand who I am and my path.
Hyanda Maril

Bodyflow Energetic Practitioner

Wow, what a wonderful gift. Kemina’s ability is truely amazing, she is able to incorporate her intuitive ability with kinesiology and the outcome is an incredible experience. Her wings must be hidden somewhere because she is truely an angel. I highly recommend you do yourself a favour and book yourself an appointment.
Jacinta Peill

Personal Assistant

Having experienced many treatment modalities I arrived in Kemina’s wonderful, cosy treatment room knowing very little (actually nothing at all!) about kinesiology. I’m still not sure how best to describe the process but what I can say is I’ve been released of some lifelong limiting beliefs, along with feelings I had over some life experiences that I thought would have a hold over me forever. Kemina’s treatment is supportive, non invasive and healing. I simply can’t recommend her service highly enough.

Dental Administrator

I have been working with Kemina for quite a few years now, and have had some really fantastic results. Kemina, and the skills she has with Body Flow Energetics and kinesiology, has really helped me to focus on my goals, or what I call my vision board. She has helped me remove blocks and undergo healing. Kemina has really helped me see the truth of situations and then helped me to work with blocks, healings or releases. I found the many sessions I have had with Kemina really helpful and it has helped me shift significant blocks and generate deep healing to help me get back on track to reach my goals. I can highly recommend Kemina for Body Flow Energetics as well as kinesiology if you want to improve your health and realise your goals.
Jane Scanlon

Change Manager

Kemina is a great healer. Safe and non judgemental environment.
Adriana Rodriguez


I truly find the healing sessions essential. Would highly recommend and have passed on details to my friends. So good.
Luella Forbes

Occupational Health and Safety Injury Manager

A wonderful experience everytime. I’ve been going for 5 months and the sessions have changed my life. Kemina is someone who’ve I needed in my life for a long time.
Darryn Madson

Since seeing Kemina, I have felt like I’ve been able to work through various concerns and have gained the confidence to face these. Kemina is warm, welcoming and understanding and she takes the time to get to know you. She is always professional and I would recommend her services to anyone.
Tiana Davis

Finance Administrator

Was blown away on how light I felt after seeing Kemina!!! After years of seeing other therapists, I felt Kemina to be the most understanding and nurturing!!! Thank you!!!!
Kate Ivan

Legal Advisor

That was a truly incredible experience. You have a gift for sure. I’m not sure what has shifted but I do feel something has. I said I wanted to move quicker toward abundance so while it was painful and scary to have the insights I got I believe it was exactly what I asked for. To anyone reading this please don’t hesitate. You will have transformation!
Irena Bee

Communications Manager

I just wanted to quickly thank you for helping me over the past month. I have never tried kinesiology before but found it to extremely effective and amazing to be a part of. I have discovered things about myself I never knew. You have unblocked blockages and I look forward to experiencing a shift and abundance that this will bring into my life and look forward to learning how to communicate with my higher self. You have a great gift…..thank you so much for your time, patience and advice…
Sharon Foley

Adminstrations Manager

Already feel different after one session. Kemina is amazing…
Mana Ogawa

I had my first visit to Kemina today and found Kemina to be very caring and helpful kinesiologist. The information given to me was very enlightening and the treatment very positive. As I had not experienced kinesiology before I can say that I feel the benefit of the overall adjustments. I would recommend Kemina to those who wish to feel better.
Francis Harris


Went along not knowing what to expect at all and found Kemina to be very caring and understanding and the treatment to be gentle, helpful and refreshing. Really interesting process! I was amazed at how it all worked. Thanks Kemina.
Cherie Stokes

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