Bodyflow Energetics practitioner training curriculum

Practitioner program modules

Session 1 – The concepts – 18th March 2023

  • The principles of energy and how to utilise it for healing
  • The fundamentals of the healing process
  • Advanced energy awareness of yourself and others
  • Spirit/mind/body practices for both personal awareness and with a partner
  • Understanding the deeper impacts of the energy of stress and trauma on the mind, body and spirit
  • 3 key purposes for why we are here on Earth
  • The principles of the universe, dimensions and the connection to spirit the soul and consciousness
  • 4 key concepts to work through to release our attachments to our issues and trauma
  • A high-level understanding of the massive planetary shift occurring
  • Remember intuitive communication and multi-dimensional sense awareness
  • Understanding the full range of senses and how to work with them to navigate life
  • Training in muscle testing to connect with innate awareness.
  • Spiritual purification and meditation

Session 2 – Energetic systems – 1st April

  • Deeper understanding of the entire energetic system – chakras, meridians, aura, merkaba, energy centres, kundalini
  • The history of energy and frequency healing
  • Training in locating and repairing/transmuting blocks, tears, damage and erratic behaviour in chakras, meridians, aura, merkaba
  • Kundalini activation and flow
  • Remember how to reconnecting with the earth’s magnetic grid
  • Gain an understanding of how the energetic system is changing hand how this affects people and how to work with it
  • Channelling energy and specific frequencies training

Session 3 – Emotional programs – 15th April

  • Deeper understanding of emotional and society program
  • Access the akashic records to pinpoint the exact time, location, age in any lifetime and the details of stories created in any life and how they are affecting a person currently and how to release the attachment to them
  • 13 universal laws
  • The 5 ways we store emotional programs in our mind, body and spirit
  • Understanding the dark night of the soul
  • Training in pinpointing the exact time, location, age and details of stories created in any lifetime and how they are affecting a person currently and how to release the attachment to them
  • Training in pinpointing the number of cycles running for a program and how to break the cycle and attachment to it
  • Training in changing awareness and attitudes and perception
  • The 5 key areas that create issues in the mind, body and spirit
  • Deeper insights into love, death and the ascension process
  • Birth trauma and womb consciousness
  • Holding a sacred and safe space for people
  • Training in the simplified method to process an emotion or program
  • Resistance during a session

Session 4 and 5 – Interference 29 April and 13 May

  • Deeper understanding of external and non-beneficial interference
  • The power of intention
  • Training in surrogating someone’s energy from anywhere in the world
  • Reconnecting soul loss, fragmented souls and trapped souls
  • Training in understanding and detaching entities, demons, thought forms, implants, tracking devices, spells and curses
  • Training in understanding and detaching contracts, vows, bindings and bargains
  • Training in understanding and detaching siphons, beacons and portals, psychic attacks and hooks
  • Training in strengthening weak access points

Session 6 – DNA – 27 May

  • Understand the spirit/earth connection
  • Activations to receive clear downloads from your guides
  • The 12 DNA strands
  • Actiavte dormant DNA
  • The 23 Chromozones
  • Timeline therapy
  • Balancing and enhancing the masculine and feminine
  • Activating advanced awareness switches
  • Releasing karma
  • A deeper understanding of the nervous system and how to deeply release incoherence and trauma

Session 7 – The energetic upgrade – 10 June

  • Training in conducting a full energetic body analysis
  • Training in channelling light codes for cancer, detoxing, depression, abundance and over 30 other areas
  • The 9 life learning focus’
  • Training in locating specific roles for a person
  • Activate the immune system training facility to ensure optimal functioning of the immune system
  • Upgrade the immune system, energetic protection and the energetic system
  • A deeper understanding of addiction
  • Deeper understanding of forgiveness
  • Remember how to call back your power

Session 8 – Galactic energies and soul gifts – 24 June

  • Connect with the frequencies of other star systems for rapid and deep healing and awareness or yourself and the universe.
  • Activations to connect more deeply with your soul and star families
  • Activations to receive clear downloads to co-create with benevolent beings in the universe
  • Call back soul memory to access wisdom, skills from other lifetimes
  • Remember the character traits and histories of star beings and the history of the universe
  • Light language

Session 9 – Beyond people – working with Gaia and businesses – 8 July

  • Gridwork
  • Training in property, business, website energetic clearing
  • Activating Lemurian codes
  • Training in shamanic journeying


What Bodyflow Energetics students say…

Bodyflow Energetics truly is Kemina’s gift to the world and I highly recommend the course. Kemina shares herself so willingly along the way that you cant help but feel more connected to self, source and others. Bodyflow Energetics gives you permission to let go and tap into and trust your intuition as a practitioner while accessing innate wisdom to guide others into alignment. The process is a powerful journey and each workshop provides opportunity to gently unfold aspects of self while also holding a safe space for others in their healing. I am grateful for the knowledge but feel honoured and blessed for the journey.

Lucy Frances

Child Health Support Manager and Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

This course exceeded my expectations exponentially. With no previous experience I was astounded that I could do this. I learnt so much and feel excited about how well this method works, the best thing I’ve done for ages and great value.
Debbie Mulgrew

Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

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