training program to heal & upgrade the mind, body & spirit

This powerful journey will restructure the fabric of your reality by helping you move beyond 3D limitations and work in a more multi-dimensional, non-linear way to navigate life with more ease and grace.

Using the tools, frequencies and light codes, you will unlock and re-code unresolved conflicts in your biology, to step into a love of life and create one that’s more fulfilling and abundant and be able to do that for others.

You will be deeply nurtured on your journey through the program’s  energetic grid that will hold you through your deep transformation to become a world-class, internationally certified energetic health practitioner.


  • The breakthrough to healing Voltage points the key to optimal health.
  • Access the akashic records to re-code conflicts and awaken you to your soul mission and living more in alignment with your true self.
  • Remember how to navigate the quantum and become a conscious multi-dimensional being in a physical body
  • Remember intuitive communication and multi-dimensional sense awareness
  • Call back soul memory to access wisdom and skills from other lifetimes.
  • and much more

Practitioner training program modules and content

  • Locating and transmuting blocks, tears and damage in chakras, meridians, aura, merkaba, energy centres
  • Activations to connect more deeply with your soul and star families
  • Activations to receive clear downloads to co-create with benevolent beings in the universe
  • Advanced energy awareness of yourself and others
  • Light language
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Channelling energy and specific frequencies training
  • Kundalini activation
  • Gridwork
  • Accessing the akashic records to pinpoint the exact time, location, age and details of stories created in any lifetime and transmuting them.
  • Detaching entities, thought forms, implants, tracking devices, spells and curses
  • Timeline therapy
  • Reconnecting soul loss, fragmented souls and trapped souls
  • Detaching contracts, vows, bindings and bargains, portals, psychic attacks.
  • Muscle testing to connect with your own and others innate awareness
  • Activate cellular memory to enable you to work with clients energy globally
  • Balancing and enhancing the masculine and feminine
  • Conducting a full body physical and energetic analysis
  • Channelling light codes for cancer, detoxing, depression, abundance and over 30 other areas
  • Activating Lemurian codes
  • Activate dormant DNA

More program topics

  • The principles of energy and how to utilise it for healing
  • Understanding the deeper impacts of the energy of stress and trauma on the mind, body and spirit
  • The fundamentals of the healing process
  • Past life stories and their impacts on your current life and how to detach them
  • Remember other planets you’ve lived on and your character traits from those planets
  • The 9-life learning focus’
  • Spiritual purification and meditation
  • A deeper understanding of addiction
  • Deeper understanding of forgiveness
  • The 12 DNA strands
  • 3 key purposes for why we are here on Earth
  • The power of intention
  • Holding a sacred and safe space for people
  • Remember the simplified method to process an emotion or program
  • The 5 core areas that create issues in the mind, body and spirit
  • Deeper insights into love, death and the ascension process
  • Birth trauma and womb consciousness
  • 13 universal laws
  • The 5 ways we store emotional programs in our mind, body and spirit
  • Understanding the dark night of the soul
  • A deeper understanding of the nervous system and how to deeply release incoherence and trauma
  • 4 key concepts to work through to release issues and trauma

Program skills and knowledge

You will receive all the knowledge and skills, theory and practice, and all-around experience needed to become a world-class energetic health practitioner.

The practitioner training will encompass what you need to in your role as a practitioner, coach, guide, facilitator, change agent, teacher, healer, counselor.

The journey to become an energetic health practitioner will encompass the same steps you’ll take in your own personal growth process that you’ll be guided through in the program: discovery, exploration, development, and mastery.

Bodyflow Energetics training program curriculum
teaching bodyflow energetics practitioner training program

Prerequisites for practitioner training

  1. Complete enrollment/registration form
  2. Submit personal background and essay – “What healing and evolution means to me” or “Why I want to be an energetic health practitioner.”
  3. Tuition agreement/payment contract

Dates for the next program

The next Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner Training Program

2 July 2022 – 1 October 2022

Runs every second Saturday live on Zoom worldwide

10am till 4pm AEST

2 July, 16 July, 30 July, 6 August, 20 August, 3 September, 17 September, 1 October

What you’ll receive

  • 4-month Bodyflow Energetic Practitioner training program live on Zoom from anywhere in the world
  • 2 x 1 hour, one-on-one Zoom personal sessions with Kemina
  • Bite Sized Changes book by Kemina
  • Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner Training manual
  • BONUS – recorded videos of all balances
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community to learn and evolve together
  • International Energetic Health Practitioner Certification with the International School of Complementary Therapies


Please complete the practitioner training registration form to secure your spot in the 4-month Bodyflow Energetics practitioner training program to receive the international certification.

AUD $4,980 early bird until 17 June 2022 – SAVE OVER AUD $500

AUD $5,555 for full program and certification



Ph: Kemina to enquire about finance +61 0400 565 116

What Bodyflow Energetics practitioner training students say…

The Bodyflow Energetics course and the information and knowledge Kemina shares is mind blowing!

As are her intuitive abilities, which she strives to instil in her students. The course was very dynamic, and she was extremely attentive to us on and individual level.

I loved the fact that she was always happy to answer questions. I could literally go on forever writing all the good things!

It is also worth noting that she provides such detailed and thorough understandings of the ‘behind the scenes’ of her work that it may be necessary to revisit and revise the information outside of the course hours, as there is simply sooo much to learn!

John Lane

Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

This course exceeded my expectations exponentially. With no previous experience I was astounded that I could do this. I learnt so much and feel excited about how well this method works, the best thing I’ve done for ages and great value.
Debbie Mulgrew

Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

Bodyflow Energetics truly is Kemina’s gift to the world and I highly recommend the course.

Kemina shares herself so willingly along the way that you cant help but feel more connected to self, source and others. Bodyflow Energetics gives you permission to let go and tap into and trust your intuition as a practitioner while accessing innate wisdom to guide others into alignment.

The process is a powerful journey and each workshop provides opportunity to gently unfold aspects of self while also holding a safe space for others in their healing. I am grateful for the knowledge but feel honoured and blessed for the journey.

Lucy Frances

Child Health Support Manager and Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

There was so much content, so much value!
Kemina took me through a process of activating my gift from a future lifetime, I receive codes & frequencies to become a land harmoniser. Who knew right? Lol…
I use this gift to heal people, homes, businesses, websites, email accounts, animals.
Now I am able to really support humanity through the great awakening, Accelerating my personal Growth and Evolution.
Embodying my high self to receive downloads to and travel to past lives, future, myself in different star systems and high council to remember and receive wisdom teachings.
It has enabled me to create new amazing offerings that will support my dream clients EVEN more.
I especially loved connecting to all the beautiful souls who also enrolled in this course our group was amazing and the connection I feel will last lifetimes.
I highly recommend this course. It WILL change your life forever giving you the tools to heal yourself, fast track your Growth and Evolution and become a Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner.
I feel healers are needed NOW more than ever before.
Anna Willey

5D Business & Evolution Coach , Anna Willey International

Meet Kemina

Energetic health practitioner, Kinesiologist, Bodyflow Energetics teacher and creator

Kemina is a spiritual thought leader, wisdom keeper, trailblazer, rebel, and seeker, who over the past 7 years, has helped people all over the world, of all ages, to overcome chronic health issues, emotional pain, find freedom, success, and abundance and a love of life.
She started in the corporate world and like many, followed the modern medicine path trying to regain her health. When she found the body aches and pains were only getting worse, looming unfulfillment and the dark depths of depression setting in, she decided it was time to take an alternate route.
Under the guidance of leading energetic health educators, mentors, and practitioners, Kemina transformed her life and her health.
It was her thirst for knowledge, and the craving to understand everything at the core that forged her path to studying many healing modalities.
Overall, it was her intention to use not only the most efficient, but also the most powerful approach to healing, and that is today's reason Kemina is an Energetic Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist and Owner/Creator of The Bodyflow Energetics Method.
Her driving passion is to reach as many people as possible, to spread the same awareness, and health transformations she has experienced firsthand.
Through the power of Bodyflow Energetics, along with her intuitive gifts, Kemina invites you to open the door, to find your love for life, and the endless possibilities that await.
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Bite Sized Changes book by Kemina
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