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We all love a massage to sooth our weary muscles that works so hard and carries the stress of our everyday lives. The kinesiology massage goes deeper into structural aches and pains, so people gain long lasting relief enabling me to take a regular massage to a whole new level.

Clients have said that the next day they feel like they have had an intense deep massage – yet they haven’t even been touched.

Accessing every muscle in the body

What the Bodyflow Energetics massage can do that a regular massage can’t, is a few of things. Firstly, it can access every single muscle in the body, even those deep ones that you can’t touch on the skins surface. It can do this by using muscle testing to reach those muscles just like muscle testing can access bones or organs or cells.

Why can it release pain permanently?

The other thing a Bodyflow Energetics massage can do is to release the stress in that layer permanently – we all have layers of stress that have built up over time and needs to be peeled off much like an onion. We store so much of our stress and unresolved emotions in our body. So while a massage is fantastic, without a practitioner that can access what the emotional memory that is stored in the overactive or under-active muscle, the muscle will return to its usual stressed out self. The time it takes can vary from a few days to even weeks but return it will, without releasing the emotion stored in it. This is why some people have visited a masseuse up to once or more times a week for years without achieving permanent profound changes.

But of course there is more to muscular pain that an overactive or under-active muscle. There may be scar tissue. The beautiful thing about a kinesiology massage is that it’s non-invasive so we don’t have to dig in our elbows to release the knot or scar tissue. The body has the ability to heal itself, it’s just a matter of letting it know what it needs to do.

Breaking down scar tissue

The body is constantly changing. Every 7 years we build a whole new body. So if we look more deeply into how the body does this we can help use it’s amazing abilities to remove the toxicity and stress in the muscles or scar tissue. There are different cell types in the body that build bones. Bones help form all the cells in the body by breaking down and rebuilding into new cells. These cells are called;  osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocytes. They all have a different function. Osteoclasts break down old cells allowing osteoblasts to replace it with new material and build new cells and can turn into osteocytes that give the bones strength. What this means is that we can help guide the osteoclasts to break down the scar tissue because breaking cells down is what it does best.

Releasing reactive muscle patterns

Another thing that a Bodyflow Energetics massage can do that a regular massage can’t  which is what gives you that super relaxed all over ah feeling. It has the ability to locate all the muscles in the chain causing the stress. If one muscles is stressed and can’t switch off then it can cause other muscles to switch off or become stressed which create muscular pain. We call this a reactive set of muscles. Initially we need to turn off or turn on particular muscles to get them working as they should then find the reactive muscles. Sometimes one muscle can create stress in around 75% all 689 muscles of body.

A muscle in the foot that won’t switch off can cause you to walk funny which can affect the whole body. So that one muscle in the foot affects the 13 foot muscles on both feet then they have a ripple affect up the body through the legs and hips, right up to the face muscles. Releasing the reactive stress relaxes your entire body by releasing the stress out of the physical and energetic body.

What is also interesting is that if you have a sore hip this can be created by a whole bunch of reactive sets of muscles. The longer the issue is unresolved, the longer it is able to affect other areas of the body. So the location that you feel the pain might not be the original source of the pain.

Releasing stress in the entire skeletal system

The super awesome thing about a Bodyflow Energetics massage is that is able to access more than muscles. Our skeletal system is made up of more than muscles. There are also, bones and ligaments, and even fascia (a web like connective tissue that surrounds muscles, nerves, bones and blood vessels to provides connection and communication to other muscles, tendons or ligaments etc. Fascia is known to contract and tighten up in times of stress) That’s why there is that age old debate about whether a chiropractor or masseuse or physio is the best persons to see for body aches and pains because no one can decide whether the muscles cause the bones to be thrown out or if it’s the ligaments. But the truth is that it varies from person to person and situation to situation. That’s why we need to look at the skeletal system holistically and not leave out the brain. We all know the brain controls the body, so it seems crazy to not think that there may be stress in the brain that is causing our structural stress.

How organ function and body structure are interconnected

There is a direct relationship between the muscle’s integrity, body structure and the underlying organ energy, which links to the physiology of the body. This is discussed often, as experts in their fields such as medical, physiotherapy or chiropractor aren’t able to look at other factors.

Energetic healing is holistic so it can do this

If you have tight muscles in your back your breathing is restricted which limits the amount of oxygen in your body
and can create oxidative stress which increases the toxicity in your body.

Did you know that stress and toxicity are the two major factors of disease and can lead to chronic conditions such as; heart disease or osteoporosis.

And all that from a tight back!

The first law of biochemistry (the chemical processes in the body) is that structure governs function.

In everyday language this means that the body structure significantly impacts how the different body systems work. If you have twisted hips and lean to one side because you are misaligned that lean and twist will squash and twist the organs causing all sorts of complications. This is due to the lack of freedom of movement in our organs and structure.

Scientifically, what is happening is the shape of the proteins that make up the enzymes that regulates the body’s biochemistry is essentially what determines their function. This molecular concept can be expanded through the whole body, where alignment, posture and muscle integrity have a direct relationship with the physiology of the body.

The connection between the musculoskeletal system and the body’s organs is the fascia. Fascia is layer of webbing over the muscles, organs and whole of the body that lubricates and guides movement. The biggest contributing factor causing the muscles (including veins and arteries) to contract and tighten is inflammation. This is when the body becomes stiff and inflexible, movement is restricted in the musculoskeletal system and around the organs. This can create anything from pain and stiffness to serious illness.

In energetic health, we work with vibrations. To find to underlying issue in the body’s structure and function we may be required to look at the cells. Each cell, tissue, organs or system has a different vibrational frequency and resonate differently with each other. Much like with do with different people we are in contact with. The health of an individual cell type is reflected by its frequency. How all the different cells, organs, tissues and systems resonate can create harmony or disharmony. To truly heal a disease or structural issue we may need to dig deep to cells to release the stress.

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