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Everything in the universe is energy.  We are made up of condensed energy and vibration and we leave an energetic imprint wherever we go. Our imprint contains the most prevalent feelings or emotions that we experience at any given time.  It is the accumulation of these highly charged emotions in our energetic imprint that is beneficial or detrimental to the areas we inhabit.

Buildings, properties, homes and workplaces collect and retain our energetic debris, affecting all those who occupy the space.  Often the feelings and emotions that we experience when we enter a room are actually the energies left by previous occupants. The energetic debris of anger, frustration, sadness and violence are most easily absorbed.  Old thought patterns and belief systems lock in these energies, preventing positive change.

What are the benefits of having your space cleared? Removing the heavy, coarse energy of negativity results in physical, mental and emotional stabilization.  Feelings of wellbeing, lightness and clarity make a home feel much more peaceful and calm. The clean, crisp frequency of higher vibration replaces lethargic, lower density energy, energizing an office atmosphere. Clearing reestablishes a sense of protection and safety to the environment.

Even business and companies with a strong, clear vision of success can suffer from negative energies.  Just one partner or employee acting from self-interest can sabotage a business venture.   Old conflicts and disagreements, even changes caused by growth can store non-beneficial structures inhibiting or reversing the energy flow, which can be very difficult to overcome.   Breaking down and clearing out this formed non-beneficial energy immediately increases a business’s success.  Even the destructive intentions from competing businesses can be removed. Once a business venture is cleared, a strong gridwork of success and positive intent can be installed.

The property that a building sits on also carries the consciousness of previous owners, retaining vibrations of traumatic events from the distant past. It is not unusual to find traces of deceased owners roaming the land believing it is rightfully theirs.  Lay lines and water under the property can create very disruptive energy that can create anger and illness. Realtors and home sellers who have stagnant properties can benefit by having the negative energy of previous owners or occupants removed. After clearing a property, a strong gridwork of intent can be installed to draw in the right buyer with the right financing insuring that the sale goes through without any obstacles. We always ask that the highest good prevails so it’s in harmony with everyone.

As we clear our properties and ourselves, we are clearing the Earth as well. We are working with the universal law of attraction: like attracts like. If an area is holding lower density vibration, those with similar vibrations are going to gravitate there. On the other hand, if an area is holding a clear pure vibration, it will attract those who will uphold and protect its integrity.

Sessions are conducted from a distance. As with personal healings, we are working with Higher Beings who are here to help uplift mankind and the Earth from the lower vibrations that we have created. The stagnant, blocked and disruptive energies are transformed to be in harmony with the people involved and the land. The change is immediate and comprehensive.
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