getting the most out of your session

I believe that stories are how we understand, how we remember and how we learn…our experiences are always consistent with our assumptions. Each moment we actively construct what we think, feel, and experience.

Understanding is the key to realising there are other ways to approach the adversities we all experience in our life. Adversity can mean different things to different people. Do you suffer from chronic illness? Are you struggling with addiction? Has past and present trauma affected your quality of living? There are many situations that prevent us from living our present life to the fullest. But what can we do about this?

Often in times of overwhelm the obvious is to turn to what we know – that might be traditional medicine, psychologists or maybe we do nothing at all. These approaches can leave us feeling that we have relinquished the ability to determine our own physical and mental wellbeing outcomes.

In other parts of our lives, we spend great amounts of time researching and conducting due diligence before we make decisions. Such as buying a home, deciding on a career or making the choice to have children for example. However, when it comes to our own health and wellbeing, often we don’t apply the same approach.

Energy healing is a term many of us have never heard of but through understanding it’s power and possibility, you will learn there is another way that provides the opportunity to harness the freedom to live your best life.Think for a moment about a computer which is a great analogy for our body and mind. How often do you experience your computer being glitchy or slow? It’s so frustrating when it doesn’t’ do what you need it to. Sometimes to fix these issues we need to update the operating system, de-frag the hard drive or install more RAM. Bodyflow Energetics delves into the stored subconscious information created when unmanageable stress has overloaded our conscious body and mind.

What happens in a session…

Just like an IT expert who trawls your computer to find the issue, in a Kinesiology session like a detective, we explore the programs to resolve the conflicts within our biology. Our own bodies are a manual guiding us to where specific problems lie. Each area means something and will manifest as illness until we can discover the conflict and unlock the power they have over us. Resolving these conflicts provide us with a changed perspective and enable is to revitalise.

During a Bodyflow Energetics session, you will learn how your body is communicating with you and start to understand you can determine your own wellness and happiness. Self-exploration is a journey that when undertaken, provides you with new possibilities you may never have dreamed available.

We are all unique and your Bodyflow Energetics session is tailored specifically to support your personal goals via a holistic approach. Everything is interconnected which means we can achieve faster and more effective resolution of issues, even in just one session. Everything in the universe is energy and when you understand that concept, so to will you realise the enormous potential Bodyflow Energetics can offer.

How the energy is released and changed

For our mind and bodies to work harmoniously and in a receptive and balanced manner all the brain structures, hormones, organs, glands and cells need to work together. A negative belief can create imbalance in the body by changing the vibration in areas of your body.

For example you may have got a virus that created a cough. A negative belief you had at the time made you susceptible to getting this virus and once it enters your body it changes the vibration in your chest and throat which in turn creates a cough. It could be because you aren’t speaking up about something or speaking your truth or having difficult communication with someone. That negativity can change the vibration of the flow. Where there may have once been a vibration of 628mhz, it now may vibrate at 123mhz.

Now the energy is bouncing of each other confused and unsure of what to do rather than flowing in a smooth direction. Because your lungs and bronchial tubes etc may now be working more in isolation than together. This can create disease or issues and allow for virus’ or bacteria to be introduced to the body.

We can see that we need to bring order to the body, and let it know what it needs to do to release the confusion and change the vibration to it’s natural state. We can do this in a number of ways. We can release the negative beliefs and emotions by pin pointing when they were created and how they are affecting you brain and body from integrating and release the negative energetic charge or find the correct vibration mhz to balance it out to restore it to its natural state. Just like your stomach ph levels being too high create acidity, which leads to disease, the same is for a energetic frequency on your body – it too creates imbalance.

Who Bodyflow Energetics helps

I have worked with a wide variety of clients who suffered from depression, trauma, drug addiction, impotence, chronic anaemia, severe back and leg pain, chronic heart condition, chronic immune deficiencies, severe allergies and sexual and physical abuse, just to name a few.

I have also assisted clients to achieve success in reaching their goals like meeting their soul mates, turn a struggling relationship into a strong supportive relationship, attract their dream jobs or change career.

To get the most out of your Bodyflow Energetics session…

create a list of things you’d like to work on. Using Kinesiology I will find out what your priority issue is. Very often issues are interrelated so by working on one issue we are actually working a few. I had one client just stop drinking coffee one day and never had another cup. She just didn’t want it anymore and we didn’t work on anything related to it at it all.

If you can, feel the issues wherever they are affecting you 1 -2 days prior to the kinesiology session. It will allow the issue to come to surface so we can easily and quickly clear them. You may find that this happens naturally without you even realising.

The deeper you go and the more courageous you are in delving deep into the issue and the more willing you are to make changes the better the results you will get. For example; if someone has diabetes and walks through the clinic door unwilling to change their diet then their results will be minimal. However, if another person with the same seriousness of diabetes walks through the door but  wants do what it takes but is struggling to do what’s needed because something is blocking them – then that person could get amazing results.


I’m really looking forward to meeting you and seeing where we can take you together.

If you do need to change your session date and time can you please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the session will need to be paid in full – thanks

An alternative if you can’t the session is to do a distance session – it works exactly the same as a face to face session. I can either do it over the phone, or zoom or Facebook Messenger or do it and send you a report – it’s up to you.

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