Activate the power of the wheel of life

This meditation I received from my spirit guide, was the most potent meditation I’ve ever done.

It’s so incredible, yet simple to do and the effects are so significant that I felt that I had to share it with everyone.

By connecting with the wheel of life you are able to reach a powerful level of embodiment that you may have not been able to reach before.

The wheel of life activation allows you to deeply connect with your spirit, soul, consciousness and the earth and create a harmony and flow with them all that is nothing short of profound.

This is a short meditation that I feel deeply that everyone should do this everyday. Since is is a short, bite sized, yet potent, mediation it’s something we can all find time and energy to do daily or at least close to daily.

I’m sure you’ll find the effects of the mediation to be quite significant.

Bite Sized Changes book by Kemina
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Bite Sized Changes book by Kemina
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