a revolutionary toolkit to heal and upgrade your mind, body and spirit

A refreshing perspective on transformation

The key to healing and why energetics is a game changer

An advanced 5D energetic healing course using frequencies and light codes to restore harmony in the mind and body by awakening dormant cells that bring the body into balance to overcome stress, disease and illness and align with your true self, so you can step into freedom and joy.

Using this very specific approach we unlock and recode our unresolved stories and programs limiting us and affecting our health and lives.

Whether you wish to transform deeper yourself or facilitate transformation for others by becoming an Energetic Health Practitioner. The keys in this healing course will offer a refreshing perspective on how to truly transform.

The Bodyflow Energetics healing course

Bodyflow Energetics healing course harnesses the power of quantum physics and ancient universal laws to transform any blocks and limitations within minutes.

We have moved beyond 3D which is linear. We can work in a non-linear way which is much more effective, quicker and more powerful.

The aim of the whole process is to achieve full embodiment by bringing the spirit, mind and body into alignment – because when that happens, our lives and bodies flow optimally and we have a grounded awareness of our surroundings and the expanded multiverse.

Bodyflow Energetics course program

Bodyflow Energetics healing courses 2021

NEXT HEALING COURSE starts 15 August

It runs for 8 days on every second Sunday.

At Brookfield, Brisbane, Queensland

Course learnings

Unmanageable stress can overload us until it is stored in our mind and body. What can’t be resolved in our conscious is then moved to the subconscious. Our bodies then adapt to store this subconscious information.

In the course you will  learn how to explore, like a detective, the programs and stories and resolve the conflicts within our biology.

The stories in our lives that are unresolved become programs that sit in our subconscious and override our conscious. In our conscious life we may say I desire a healthy loving relationship but our subconscious has a whole other story playing and guess which one wins? We can have blind spots and become victims to these programs that can create invisible magnets that attract situations and relationships we don’t want in our lives.

The programs in our subconscious that we explore are:

  • personal programs from stress and trauma from this life or past or future lives
  • evolutionary
  • ancestral lineage – on either our mothers or fathers lineage- these are programs that don’t belong to you but get passed down the ancestral line.
  • gestational – from conception through to birth – these are programs that don’t belong to you but are passed on from our parents.
  • bio-memorised cellular cycles – we can repeat situations on regular cycle – can be 7 years or any number that the cycles occur

Course learning outline

  • Get to the real core of healing and overcoming limitations that bypasses pulling off one layer at a time
  • Learn how to channel powerful frequencies and light codes
  • Realign and repair tears or damage in chakra’s, meridians or aura to improve energetic system flow directly affecting physical body health and stop leaking energy.
  • Liberate fears, addictions and slave codes to enable handling challenging world situations with more peace, ease and grace and less stress
  • Upgrade and align energetic systems, to radiate love more consistently
  • Merge any dark and light aspects that aren’t integrated, for easy integration into 5D energy.
  • Open the heart’s compassion to experience deeper levels of intuition.
  • Activate any dormant DNA.
  • Align the merkaba (it’s your vehicle), around the energetic system, so it is going forward which in turn enables people to move forward in their life.

What else will you learn and gain from the course

  • Learn the not commonly known secrets to how we interact with spirit and the universe and how to access the tools
  • Understand energy, the healing process, how stress and trauma affect our body, mind and spirit, and the universe, dimensions and the shift in consciousness that is currently occurring on Earth.
  • Learn the art of simplified muscle testing and discover your own abilities to feel your own energy and others.
  • Gain a deep understanding of emotions, beliefs and programs and how our they run deep within our consciousness and affect our everyday lives and body function.
  • Learn and be able to release emotional programs and beliefs really quickly to supercharge the healing process.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of energetic interference that expands your awareness of the multiverse including; soul loss, vows, bargains, non-beneficial guide, entities, spirits, booby traps, imprints, portals, curses and so much more.
  • Recode your matrix to align with your life path.
  • Understand how to access gifts and skills from past or future lives and bring them into this life.
  • Learn how to clear energetic interference from property, businesses or objects.
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NEXT COURSE starts 15 August

$2300 AUD for the full 8 days including the certification

For the $300 discount  contact Kemina Ph: 0400 565 116

What Bodyflow Energetics students say…

Bodyflow Energetics truly is Kemina’s gift to the world and I highly recommend the course. Kemina shares herself so willingly along the way that you cant help but feel more connected to self, source and others. Bodyflow Energetics gives you permission to let go and tap into and trust your intuition as a practitioner while accessing innate wisdom to guide others into alignment. The process is a powerful journey and each workshop provides opportunity to gently unfold aspects of self while also holding a safe space for others in their healing. I am grateful for the knowledge but feel honoured and blessed for the journey.

Lucy Frances

Child Health Support Manager and Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

This course exceeded my expectations exponentially. With no previous experience I was astounded that I could do this. I learnt so much and feel excited about how well this method works, the best thing I’ve done for ages and great value.

Debbie Mulgrew

Bodyflow Energetics Practitioner

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