chronic illness

When we look at the body system holistically we are able to gain a much greater perspective of why the chronic illness is so persistent. In seeing the bigger picture we are able determine the root cause which enables us to release the trauma and the illness. This allows us to permanently release chronic illness that modern medicine often says to patients you will have to manage this for the rest of your life.

When facing chronic illness, which is a deep and persisting loss, we cannot separate psychology from spirituality, nor can we isolate the personal and social impact of chronic illness.

Due to the challenges of chronic illness, those living with it often feel isolates, alone, and forgotten about.

Chronic illness has a huge impact on physical, emotional, and mental health. Dealing with chronic illness can take a huge toll on a person suffering. From managing the symptoms and dealing with the ups and downs.

I have worked with clients with many varying chronic illness with great success. This includes people with:

  • cancer (including 4th stage cancer)
  • chronic anxiety and depression
  • heart disease
  • chronic eczema
  • chronic fatigue
  • auto-immune disorders
  • suicidal
  • in a coma to come out of it within hours
  • chronic mental and emotional disorders
  • and many more.

What Bodyflow Energetics clients say…

Kemina is amazing. After trying various approaches to addressing a debilitating anxiety triggering issue, Kemina was able to help me completely switch this off within a few sessions using, amongst other things! I love that she was able to help me do this without any overthinking on my part. She nurtures a
non-intimidating environment – we’ve even managed to have a laugh at some of the curious things that have come up during the process! Thanks so much Kemina!
Karen McLeod

Sales Manager

Kemina is such a genuine, compassionate person. She has helped clear my skin of chronic eczema and help me deal with serious anxiety. It only took a few sessions for me to see a huge change and I’m now eczema free. I cannot recommend her enough, she is amazing.

Hayley Sargison

Teacher Aide

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