accelerate your evolution

 We are living in a time of rapid evolution

We are co-creating a new Earth and everyone who chooses to be part of it is being called to step up and accelerate their evolution and consciousness to bring the New Earth into being.

The key to moving through the shift with ease and grace is to integrate and embody soul life lessons and energetic upgrades.

We can measure our conscious embodiment and it relates not to what we know but what we can draw on at any given moment. When we are able to face our issues in a relaxed way and accept them as part of us rather than something that controls us, we find our peace, comfort and an enormous amount of power.

When this occurs can we begin to expand our light body and diamond light body vibration, which enables us to hold 5D or above frequencies. This activates an awareness of galactic lives, technologies, knowledge and freedom so you can co-create the New Earth with us in unity.

The more we remember who we are, not just in this life or other lives on Earth, but our soul lives from throughout this universe and beyond through to source, the more we step into deeper consciousness. When we have the courage to face the truth and remember who we are without ego, true expansion and embodiment occurs.

If you are looking to accelerate you evolution and consciousness we can address and activate the following areas:

  • Activate you divine soul mission
  • Activate your Lemurian codes to upgrade your energetic system so you can access and embody 5D and beyond frequencies
  • Disconnect from the karmic grid
  • Disconnect from the matrix an activate your sovereignty
  • Activate and align your dantiens to align with the 5 elements of the earth, the 7 senses (yes 7 senses) and activate your wisdom by merging your brain and third eye.
  • Access your multi-dimensional gifts from past and future lives.
  • Expand your intuiton and multi-dimensional aspects of your 7 senses and bring them into unity.
  • Discover what other planets you have lived on and how to utilise this awareness.
  • Upgrade your body – mind connection through our high heart.
  • Rise above chaos and find a deeper understanding of dark and light and find joy in every moment no matter what is going on.
  • Open up to courageously let go of people pleasing and truly stand in our own power or strength while connecting it purely with unconditional love – so power can never be misused.
  • Embrace the joy, sadness, fun, laughter, grief and disappointment in life and live it to its fullest without expectations or overwhelm.

You may find you have a bigger role to play in the New Earth as one of the:

  • 5D visionaries
  • New Earth leaders
  • New system architects
  • Conscious creators
  • Entrepreneurs

All of these new roles require 7D technologies and activations to be embodied within you so you can access them.

Through the activation sessions you can be brought into alignment  and readiness for this activation to be embodied.

When you are ready we can activate your required galactic technologies so you can play your role in the New Earth.

Are you ready to accelerate your evolution and co-create The New Earth?


“The Mayan people call this the “Time of No Time.” From here on, we’re on Earth time. Mother Earth is shaking to her core. It’s a time of madness, disconnection, and hyper-individualism. It’s also a time when new energies are coming into the world, when people are growing a new skin. The Mayan vision says that we in the West will find safe harbor only if we can journey past a wall of mirrors.
The mirrors will surely drive us mad—unless we have a strong heart. Some mirrors delude us with an infinity of reflections of our vanity and shadows. Others paralyze us with our terror and rage, feeding an empire that manufactures our fear into resignation. But the empire has no roots and it’s toppling all around us. In this time everyone is called to take a stand. Everyone is called to be a leader.
To get beyond the wall of mirrors, the final challenge is to pass through a tiny door. To do this, we must make ourselves very, very small. To be very humble. Then we must burrow down into the Earth, where indigenous consciousness lives. On the other side is a clear pond. There, for the first time, we’ll be able to see our true reflection…”
~Robbie Warren
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