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How a Bodyflow Energetics and Kinesiology session does that

Bodyflow Energetics is an advanced 5D Kinesiology and energetic healing approach using frequencies and light codes to restore harmony in the mind and body. This awakens dormant cells and bring the body into balance by overcoming stress, disease and illness.

When this happens you can align with your true self, and step into freedom and joy.

Using this very specific approach we unlock and recode our unresolved stories and programs limiting us and affecting our health and lives.

Personalised energetic and Kinesiology health programs to take you from illness to wellness.

Discover the many health programs from hormones, chronic disease, illness, structure and pets.

Unmanageable stress can overload us until they are stored in our mind and body.

What can’t be resolved in our conscious is then moved to the subconscious. Our bodies then adapt to store this subconscious information.

Meet Kemina

Energetic health practitioner, Kinesiologist, Bodyflow Energetics teacher

Kemina is a wisdom keeper, trail blazer, rebel and a seeker who tried the corporate world and modern medicine path only to find dark depths of depression and body aches and pains that were only getting worse.

It was when she forged her own path through the guidance of leading energetic health educators and mentors and practitioners that she transformed herself and her health that led to her passion in opening up as many people as possible to the same awareness, health transformations, love of life and possibilities.

Kemina is driven by a thirst for knowledge and understanding the core of everything, while using the most efficient and powerful approach to healing as possible. It’s through this drive from studying Kinesiology that she developed her own healing modality that she teaches, Bodyflow Energetics.

Over the past 6 years, she has helped people all over the world overcome chronic health issues through to becoming top leaders, as well as running successful workshops and courses.

What Bodyflow Energetics clients say…

Kemina is amazing. After trying various approaches to addressing a debilitating anxiety triggering issue, Kemina was able to help me completely switch this off within a few sessions using, amongst other things! I love that she was able to help me do this without any overthinking on my part. She nurtures a
non-intimidating environment – we’ve even managed to have a laugh at some of the curious things that have come up during the process! Thanks so much Kemina!
Karen McLeod

Sales Manager

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Kemina is such a genuine, compassionate person. She has helped clear my skin of chronic eczema and help me deal with serious anxiety. It only took a few sessions for me to see a huge change and I’m now eczema free. I cannot recommend her enough, she is amazing.

Hayley Sargison

Teacher Aide

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Bodyflow Energetics courses

The revolutionary toolkit to heal and upgrade your mind, body and spirit

A refreshing perspective on transformation

Bodyflow Energetics harnesses the power of quantum physics and ancient universal laws to transform any blocks and limitations within minutes.

We have moved beyond 3D which is linear. We can work in a non-linear way which is much more effective, quicker and more powerful.

Whether you wish to transform deeper yourself or facilitate transformation for others, the keys in this training will offer a refreshing perspective on how to truly transform.

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